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Thank God for Unanswered Prayer

Unanswered Prayer

📄 Bill Kilgannon, founder of a successful and fast-growing construction company, tells of his early experience of his firm’s startup and what appeared to be unanswered prayer.  

Bill recalls, "We were well qualified and thought we would obtain 3 contracts of projects right in our sweet spot. We had prayed hard and believed the Lord would bless us with those deals.  So we were in shock when we did not get any of the contracts.  We had to revamp our plans and work had to find other projects.  Finally, we got on track.

Yet within 9 months, we got word that each of those 3 contracts broke down in one form or another. A bank pulled one's financing, EPA stymied another, and finally, a CEO went to jail over a fraud case that caused the company to put a freeze on the last project.

It has confirmed our faith in the Lord that He will bless and protect our blind side. No matter how hard it gets, we must trust in the one who created us and brought us this far. In reality, the Lord kept us out of some incredibly rocky soil which could have killed our vision." 

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