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There is a Creator who Orchestrates Success


📄 We were all created to do the will of the Father. The Lord is so patient in waiting for us to get our acts together. He gives us multiple chances to come home. Good works are for the manifestation of the character of God, will of God, and the power of God. Noble acts of our own intention outside of these areas will not normally be fruitful in the long run.

Os Hillman, the author, and speaker of Marketplace Leaders says, "Is your plan a God idea or a good idea for God?" I've asked that question of several entrepreneurs with multi-millionaire plans, most of which were FOR God rather than OF God. He is not interested in just being our inspiration (which comes from the word Spirit), but is active in the center and leading us, giving us ideas and providing clues every step of the way. God ideas bear fruit much greater than you as the business gardener can ever imagine on your own.

I've started three different ministry ideas for the Lord and then tried to get Him involved. While they were great ideas, they never lasted. That's why the Bible calls Him "The Creator." He comes up with the ideas and plans to use us to move the world forward by His great and long-term design. Our job is obedience, not design.

You could look at the four different soils of the Parable of the Sower as the Lord's way of testing you. How faithful will you be with your calling? All callings are in preparation for a bigger one if you have taken the risk and sacrifice to try to accomplish its purpose. While it may be about money in your mind, remember no scam artists makes money long term.  True success without building relationships fails while trust succeeds long term.

Jim Dismore, the former Senior Vice President of Wal-Mart, began with Sam Walton and his brother as they opened the third store and had a profound impact on their growth for the first 13 years.  After he left, he felt the Lord revealed many powerful insights to true business success.  Here is one of the keys he shared with us years ago..."The world's model for success is performance based with the focus on sales, cash flow, and productivity. That model cannot be effective without first being undergirded and built on the Relationship Model exemplified and taught by Jesus Christ."

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