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Tom Hill – Building Character In Business

Tom Hill

ūüé¶ Tom Hill is CEO of Kimray, a company that his father-in-law started in Oklahoma City. They are manufacturers with over 100 employees who build valves for the oil and gas industry. Here is a clip¬†called "Character First." This clip is further explained in the second Tom Hill video.


During a recessionary time in the 1990's, Tom faced many issues with competition, turnover of people, values, employee compensation and losing money. In prayer and advice from friends, he discovered the 49 Characteristics of God. They are real values that good people should be living by but are rarely taught at home or schools anymore, such as Integrity, loyalty, resourcefulness, forgiveness, meekness, discretion and discernment. He realized that even if he continued to lose money, he asked whether he was teaching or sharing with his employees how to be a better person, even fathers, and mothers.

So he was convicted to create his Character First program by recognizing his employees for living by the character principles of God on the job. Its tremendous success returned his company to profitability and reduced turnover and unemployment compensation dramatically. It's a tremendous success story. They still train other companies how to institute their Character First program.


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