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The Truett Cathy Story of Chick-fil-A


🎦 Comments from John Beehner, founder of Wise Counsel: I had the privilege of having Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A come to speak to our CEO Wise Counsel members in 1988. Totally open and honest about his life and business. I also had the privilege to interview Dan Cathy twice and take Wise Counsel to meet him at their headquarters.

Truett passed away last year but was an icon in America and for the restaurant industry. Few founders of highly successful companies have avoided the temptation to go public and compromise their Biblical values for greater riches. Truett never compromised his faith or worshipped the money that seduces so many men. You have heard the statement "As a Christian, you may be the only Bible that someone will ever read." Truett was a good and easy read.

A big fact that many people do not know is that Truett taught Sunday School at his church to young people for nearly 50 years. This video proves that God is faithful to those obedient to Him and His ways during times of sacrifice but never-ending trust.


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