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Turnarounds Abound in His Work


ūüďĄ Turnarounds About in His Work

Referenced from the book The Untold Secret that creates True Wealth.

Doug Weiss was born in the thorny soil. Conceived out of wedlock, he never met his father. As a good looking and smooth talking young man, he pursued the ladies. The seed of lust gripped his heart and soul until the day he finally surrendered to Christ. Today, he is a top-selling author who has written 15 books on sex addiction and good marriage relationships. He is a gifted counselor and businessman who oversees a staff that strives to change people's lives. You may have seen him in the media answering questions and winning over the audiences.

Likewise, Zig Ziglar was a supercharged salesman who could not consistently keep it together. As one of thirteen children from the small town of Yazoo, Mississippi, he lost his father when he was only 9 years old. While he was good at his profession, he went from job to job trying to find the greener pastures. His housekeeper led him to the Lord, and it turned his life around. For more than 40 years, he has helped salesmen and executives "get it together." Unbelievably, in all of those years, he has never solicited one speaking engagement.

When I took a group to visit his office, the 85-year-old legend showed us pictures of that housekeeper and 20 others on his "Wall of Gratitude" because of their profound influence on his life. He recently passed away but spoke nationally and was still writing three new books a year to add to his collection of twenty-six already completed. He's been a friend of presidents and CEOs, as well as an inspiration to millions. Zig's adversity training in rocky soil prepared him to find his purpose in giving to others. His favorite saying was, "If you help enough people get what they want, they will help you find what you want." Sounds like the Golden Rule.

Another example of a businessman who experienced one of these dramatic turnarounds in life is Patrick Morley. In the 1980's, he was a top commercial real estate developer in Florida. In fact, Pat was one of my first CEO clients in Orlando. What I did not know, nor did he, was that he would come close to bankruptcy six years later.

As a smart and suave professional, Pat always looked like he stepped out of GQ magazine. But his heart carried the legacy of a grandfather who had abandoned his father when he was just two years old. Eventually, a real estate market downturn allow the Lord to alter Pat's career. The Lord took hold of his heart and began an inner healing process. He gave Pat the passion to teach other men to become better husbands, fathers, and leaders.

The "rocky soil" experience led him to write Man in the Mirror, a book which has sold over 3 million copies. With a staff of 50 leaders and teachers, his ministry now reaches thousands of men and leaders around the country and internationally.

Good soil is found after persevering through the difficult soils in your past. By loving and giving to others, you begin to dig deep into the rich and abundant soil of life. In fact, the best instructor to alcoholics is the person who has experienced it firsthand and beat it. The Bible says the road of this world is broad and leads to destruction, but the path to righteousness is narrow. Believe it or not, He is quietly shepherding and ordering our steps.

Getting to the good soil can be rough, whether you are called to build a multi-billion dollar business or run an orphanage in the mountains of Peru. Being a financial millionaire on earth or a spiritual millionaire by laying up treasures in heaven is a tough journey, but it's worth it.

Turnarounds abound in His work.


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