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Check Out the “Untold Secret” Many People Are Being Inspired by This Book

untold secret

🎤 🎦 Listen to John Beehner's 20-minute overview of some of the key elements of The Untold Secret book. He's speaking to a breakfast Bible study group.


Here John and Brig talk about the highlights of their new book. The book talks about the secret that Jesus shared and the Biblical explanation for business in the most repeated parable in the whole New Testament.

Click on the book image to purchase digital version from Amazon.com

Now Available!  Finally, someone has translated the ancient text of the most read book in all of mankind spoken by the man who has changed the course of the world over 2000 years ago. This book shows the practical applications for entrepreneurs and leaders of this age through the real-life stories of many people, no matter their faith. The Scholars, Historians, Theologians and even Business Analysts have never broken the code the way Author and Entrepreneurs Brig Hart and John Beehner have done. John shows the practical ways the Secret will and does produce the deepest wealth...greater than the any IRA or Stock Portfolio. 


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