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Unsung Visionary Heroes Changing our Nation

Visionary Heroes

📄 Most Entrepreneurs, especially a lawyer like Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines), would not have tried to start an airline because of the hard soil of doubt and fear in their heart and soul. But God needed someone with legal experience and guts to accomplish His mission.

We can also see why John Mackey, who was a long-haired philosophy major in college, said, "I am glad I didn't take business in school; it might have limited my thinking and preparation to build Whole Foods."

God knew both John Mackey and Herb Kelleher’s nature. He knew that the bigger their obstacles, the tougher and more determined they'd become. When Herb was asked, "What is your success in motivating your people?" he said, "A clear set of values, almost a religious creed that we sold, suggested, sang, and shared every day."

When asked how he made it through the toughest times in building Federal Express, founder Fred Smith said, "Probably conviction. I was convinced that what I was trying to do with my teammates was important and that it would be successful. The opposite side of that coin is persistence. Very rarely have I ever seen any business or major undertaking that goes in a straight line. There are zigs and zags, victories and defeat, and you have to be propelled by that conviction that what you're doing is right and what you're doing is important, and to persevere in it. That's probably more important than anything else."

Interestingly, visions and convictions come from the spirit of the Lord. They grip your heart unless your selfish or negative thinking rejects them.  Are you willing to be open and led by the Lord to achieve His greatest calling for you?


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