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What Happened to Love in Service?

Love in Service

📄 Even a newborn child can sense the love of a parent; it’s part of the manufacturer’s handbook, otherwise known as the Bible.  And since God is a Spirit of Love, you would think nearly everyone would get it. But in the marketplace, there are many enemies of love, like limited freedom, greed, and overgrown organizations.

God works through us by inspiration, which means visions and ideas that come from the Spirit.  If we follow these promptings, they will help us grow our business by caring for the needs of employees, customers, and suppliers.  While businesses are small, they are focused on quality of service, but when they become overgrown out of greed, they lose sight of this.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine lost his wallet at a tree farm.  By the time he realized it was missing, it was already dark and the business was closing.  The owner walked around the property with him, searching with a flashlight, but couldn’t find it.  However, he offered to open early the next morning, and the wallet was found and returned.  You seldom hear stories like that when big businesses are involved.  You’re lucky if you even deal with an actual person instead of an automated system.

The inspiration for love in service has been replaced by manipulation.  It’s all about the system, numbers, money, and the bottom line.  Many employees are like pleasant robots, repeating a script over and over, following protocol and regulations.  But when numbers go down or people make too much money, people become disposable.  Yet it’s been proven that when companies allow their employees more freedom in decision making, it leads to higher customer satisfaction, higher morale, and greater loyalty.  It allows God to inspire people to innovations and exhibit His love through their service.

Most people don’t pray for their boss or fellow employees, yet most of us spend more time at work than with our families.  I believe people like Bernie Madoff could have been turned around by prayer, had his staff loved and prayed for him enough.  Now he will spend his life in prison, having lost his family from the addiction to greed that overtook him and a son, who committed suicide.  Yet we know that the grace of God can still reach him.

So believers, let’s stand up and put the love of God back into the heart of our service to one another!


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