Wise Counsel University

Are you ready . . . to Serve Leaders of Faith . . . to achieve their Highest Mission

Start your own business or second income earning $30,000 to $90,000 per year …Mentoring, Coaching and leading Peer Advisory Teams using hundreds of Wise Counsel resources

Kick off your Mentor licensed training March 27th-29th, 2019 on the beaches of Amelia Island, Florida.

Find out how to Mentor through practical experiences, wisdom and resources…

  • Wise Counsel is a continuing education process for Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Ministries leaders

… John Beehner, Founder of Wise Counsel, has been working with 400 CEOs and Executives over the last 40 years and has authored four books

Are you ready to help Entrepreneurs maximize their effectiveness? Fulfill their greatest purpose?

Build a new or second Career in your own Business

  • Start your own Business with our training and resources
  • Be the Best at Servant Leadership
  • Mentor leaders to maximize the success that God has called your clients to achieve

Serving Leaders on their Highest Mission 

…Work with Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Executives and Ministry Directors, and Boards

  1. Sharing Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment from Biblical Insights
  2. Use Wise Counsel’s monthly support, staff and resources to help you serve
  3. Coaching to help focus on the top Strategies and Tactics
  4. Bond and build relationships with peers
  5. Coach and teach the “Rock Solid Leadership” model to help leaders increase their effectiveness by 30%
 Fee for Licensees: LIMITED TIME: $1,500 Ocean Front Lodging for two (husband/wife),* 3 days training and monthly support.

Terms and Conditions may apply. Regular $5,000 value.

John Beehner's Testimony

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Please send resume and personal testimony

Wise Counsel Mentoring Partner - Opportunity Description

Company Overview: Wise Counsel is faith-based continuous learning process serving Small-Mid Size Business owners and Executives in three ways:

  1. Mentoring by using outside resources with many years of practical experience.
  2. Coaching by identifying goals, areas to improve and agreed upon accountability measures.
  3. Leading small group Peer Exchange and Advisory processes.

 Key Areas of Responsibility

  1. Participate in and apply the Wise Counsel University training.
  2. Develop and strategize for lead generation, through local referrals, networking and social media and marketing events with Wise Counsel HQ assistance.
  3. Pre-screen and qualify prospective clients and/or group members through individual interviews.
  4. Plan, organize and schedule one on one mentoring, coaching and peer advisory meetings depend on the client needs and interests.
  5. Coordinate and apply at the appropriate time Wise Counsel written materials, and video interviews, workbooks, live video conference calls, or individual profiles.
  6. Pray and offer a servant’s heart by going the extra mile with little things and build relationships and camaraderie.
  7. Determine and implement practical tasks to help clients and members grow and improve their lives while serving others.    

Applicant Criteria for Wise Counsel University training … to become a licensed Mentoring Partner for Wise Counsel.

  1. Leadership experience.
  2. A track record of effectiveness in past employment.
  3. Excellent communication skills.
  4. Heart to serve the Lord.
  5. Loves to learn.
  6. A Servant Leadership attitude
  7. Persistence.
  8. 3 References from past employers.

Applicant information needed by Wise Counsel

  • Personal Biography and resume.
  • Personal Testimony.
  • Contact Information.

Please email resume and testimony to