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9 Steps for the World’s Economic Success Plan

world economic success

📄 1. When God gave Adam and Eve free will and cast them from the Garden, He told them they would face struggles. But to take on His character, be fruitful; take risk and rule over other living creatures.

2. The death of Jesus Christ for the sins of all mankind opened the door for the world to make far greater progress by His Grace.

3. Our Founding Fathers were led by the Lord to avoid the sins and hierocracy of Kings and Dictators and create a new society based on Freedom (free will).  They used the Bible to create a model for self-discipline and moral laws.

4. Biblical Principles of Freedom, Character and Moral truth have fueled the greatest Economic Success in the history of all mankind. When a business leader finds his Character calling of talents and gifts coupled with Moral truth of loving his neighbor, customers, suppliers, employees and vendors…business creates economic exchange and grows.

5. When mankind gets beyond the Grace of God, i.e., 7 sins of the Heart (greed, pride, lust, envy, addictions, anger, and laziness), pain and suffering will eventually follow.  The Biblical principles apply to individuals, families, organization and nations. 

6. The Bible says, “It rains on the just and unjust.”  Even when someone is personally committed to Christ, he will gain or suffer in a society based on its current success.  God does not play favorites

7. There are three basic vehicles the Lord uses to spread the gospel: through friends/relationships, the church/missions, and the marketplace/business.

8. The USA donates 90% of the Christian and Philanthropic giving through the world based on its Christian heritage of “Love your neighbor,” “Give and it’s given onto you” and “To whom much is given much is required.”

9. In order to spread the gospel in non-Christian countries, the Lord uses the USA as an Economic Catalyst.  Feeding the bellies of underdeveloped nations (business is a mission) by exporting jobs to them opens them to the Truth of the Gospel and a relationship with Jesus Christ and His principles.


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