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Wise Counsel® Serves: 

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These are some of the individual small business counseling services that Wise Counsel® members enjoy via video conference call:

Introductory Interview & Strategic Assessment with John Beehner, Founder (not a sales pitch).


      • Mentorship with an Experienced CEO;
      • Expert Advice in Your Greatest Area of Need;
      • One on One Coaching;
      • CEO Peer to Peer Roundtable sharing;
      • Classic Leadership and Management Skill Training;
      • “How and Why Good Companies Create True Wealth“ Workshop;
      • Annual Boot Camp.


        • Sharpen Your Strategic Advantage & Vision.
        • Customer Focused Marketing.
        • Resolving Conflicts internal and external.
        • 360 Corporate Assessment.
        • Improving Cash Flow and the bottom line.
        • Hire the Best People and manage less.
        • Confirming a 3 Cornerstone Assessment.
        • Caring for deep Employee needs.