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Pat Morley, Founder and Author of Man In the Mirror

man in the mirror

🎤 Pat Morley came from a tough family environment. But, it helped motivate him to be of the top real estate developers in Florida in the 1990s. He dressed like he was on the cover of GQ Magazine and was very active in the Orlando community. Morley started a small Bible study at a local restaurant and is still teaching it today 30 years later, except it has grown from 25 attendees to 300 every week.

He phased out of real estate development a few years later to focus on his men's ministry from the tremendous success of his first book called Man in the Mirror which has sold over 2 million copies. His ministry reaches around the world through involvement with churches and online video teachings every week.

We interviewed him in 2007 as part of Wise Counsel's "Ask God about My Business" internet radio campaign. During the campaign, we surveyed over 300 existing and future Entrepreneurs. We asked the question "If you could ask God questions about your business success, what would they be?" We boiled the 300 responses down to the Ten Questions. We then asked each of the 5 men we interviewed the same questions.

Here you can listen to Pat's responses.

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