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Being Set Free…to be in Christ

Set Free

📄 Guy Ianello was raised by a good Italian family in upstate New York.  Somehow in high school he got caught up in drugs, using and then selling them.  After graduating, he had no incentive to find a real job until he got caught and was sentenced to life in prison.  But after 6 months, he was released on a technicality.

After his release, he tried a few jobs but then drifted back into pushing drugs.  He made very good money. Then he met his wife and they moved to the Orlando area to try and make a new life together.  But selling drugs was too easy.  His greatest fear was being caught and sent to prison for life.  As the pressure built and more and more deals made good money and frustrations with his wife (who finally left him), he was finally caught again with guns and plenty of drugs for sale.

People had witnessed to him about Christ but he always rejected it.  But out on bail and before being sentenced, he went to church with a friend.  He was moved and gripped with fear of going to prison, so after church, he went into his backyard with his dog and cried out to the Lord for forgiveness. Weeping hysterically, he admitted his lies and sins.

As he did this, a big cloud enveloped him and it became more and more intense.  He felt a profound inner pressure building inside and at the same time great peace. Finally, after 15 minutes there was a great burst like his head had exploded.  As he began to open his eyes, the cloud around him began to lift.  He first heard and then saw his dog barking at this huge snake all curled up in his yard.  He spoke out, “Oh Lord what is that?” Then the Lord spoke to him and said, “That is the serpent I just took out of you.”

He was no longer the property of an evil curse, but he found Freedom in Christ from the inside out. That life-changing event transformed Guy completely.  He hungered with a passion for the word and convinced his wife he was a changed man.  So she took him back.  He studied intently for 3 years.

Today, Guy is a Pastor of the Total Freedom Program near Orlando where he helps victims of addictions get clean through 9 months of intense Freedom IN Christ training.  He an excellent teacher, trainer, and mentor for the Lord.

God can change us if we will be open and let go of our worldly thinking and misconceptions.  His plans are always better and teach us the final truth about Freedom IN Him.

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