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“Hearing from God” — Abiding with Ed Kobel, COO of DeBartolo Development

hearing from God

ūüé¶ Hearing from God: Ed Kobel has two very practical experiences that would impress or touch people who long to hear him share his experiences:

1. He has made lots of money in real estate with a $B.

2. He has heard from the Lord who has guided many of his investment decisions.  Their company missed the 2008 downturn because they had already sold many of their properties. Today, he says the economy will take another hit this fall.  Why? Because the Lord told him. His teaching on Abiding is ultimately about hearing from the Lord yourself.  He says he went 22 years as a Christian without hearing from God, until he was challenged to spend time with Him.  Do you want to know his secrets?  Watch and listen and take good notes.

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